Memoir of a Dealer

 “What do you do?”

“I am a dealer”

It’s always funny to see the look on a person’s face when I say that. I know their imagination is running in every possible direction, it just adds to my amusement. So I don’t bother clarifying that I don’t sell intoxicants or anything illegal of any sort. I sell deals; you know the usual “Buy 1 get 1”, “50% off”. It is hard work to keep up to our claims of offering the “BEST DEALS IN INDIA.”

India Deals


Yes, I am what you may call the “catalyst”. The only bridge between you and your favorite product at the cheapest price! You sit back and relax, while I run in the sun from one store to the other getting you a deal you will not regret. It is no easy task let me tell you that, unless you think an obstacle course is easy. Avoiding angry drivers, dodging pots hurled at my head from angry customers or running away from hungry dogs with sharp fangs drooling for a bite, all this just to get you the Best deals in India.

Try talking a salon owner into providing a straightening deal for half the price, let me tell you it would be easier to climb Everest. Every shop keeper wants to make a profit, I know. But if I can get more customers to their door, aren’t they getting the better part of the deal? The bigger names know it, but it is these smaller businesses which take every sweet talking trick in the book to convince.

The things I have to do to bring you the “best deals India”.

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