No Discount on Her Love for Shoes !

Every seen a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter season? Take notice next time, they push those tiny little things into their home before hibernating. Now look at a young woman pick up shoes by the dozen during a discount sale, even if she won’t need them for months to come. Do you see the similarity?

Deals and DiscountLike our squirrel friend, the young woman collects shoes for a rainy day (though she would shoot herself before wearing her suede pumps in the rain). Through the decades, men have tried to wrap their heads around this love women have for footwear. Blame it on their lack of fashion understanding (or the over exposure to sports) but the deep relationship between a woman and her shoes is beyond the scope of simpler minds.

Though there are minds sitting behind big oak desks in glass offices planning their marketing strategies on this knowledge. These are the merchants and vendors of shoes in the city. They plan all their discount sales and deals around the very simple fact that the fairer sex loves pretty shoes. I doubt there is a woman on this planet who would be able to resist a 50% discount on her favorite shoes, even if she already has 3 just like it at home.

For decades, many a husband has complained that the wife loves her bunny slippers more than she does him. The hubbies to have a point, half their salary goes into dressing up the lady’s feet. The funniest sight in the world according to me is the sight of a girl carrying her shoes in her hands because she doesn’t want to ruin them in the puddle on the street. I simply have to stop and ask, “What was the purpose of buying the shoes anyway?”

Deals and Discount

It is truly funny, the shoes will kill your feet and make you flinch with every step. Yet you will adore them like an infant (sometimes ignore the toddler for a deals and discount on shoes). By the end of the day you can’t wait to rip them off your feet and slip into those fluffy bunny slippers that you wouldn’t dare out in public.

This debate is endless, and I better stop before these same shoes are hurled at me from all directions. But all the men out there just know this, a woman and her shoes- it’s real it’s deep and it’s beyond your scope of understanding. So just hand over the credit card and hold the bags which come your way.

*images courtesy google*

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