Fat to Fit: A Journey

I didn’t mind being fat, yes I can say it now. It wasn’t a cake walk with the constant ridicule but not so bad either. And it wasn’t easy reducing 3 sizes to fit in my favorite pair of pants. Those hours on the treadmill, those laps in the pool and not to mention mother’s multiple attempts at putting me on a diet.

Fitness Deals Online

I always was a big child, right from the early years. Many aunts suffered back spasms trying to pick me up. And many uncles have arthritis today because of the horseback rides they tried to give me. Needless to say, childhood was super fun. The ‘khata peeta cute bacha’ act was quite easy for me (though having my cheeks pulled by ladies with long nails was not that much fun).

I had loved food like a fish loves water. But there always comes a point when we hit rock-bottom. And if your bottom is bigger than the largest rock on the planet then getting up can be quite difficult (even 10 people together weren’t able to get me up). Since then life took a turn for the better, daily workouts with diet changes I surprised everyone including myself. You should have seen the look on mother’s face when I turned down butter chicken and picked up a ceaser salad. And she almost fainted the first day I went to the gym, she offered to roll aloo parathas for the way. Yes, I was spoilt rotten and had loved it but now I guess it was time to grow, rather to stop growing.

It wasn’t easy at first, I mean for someone used to eating 5 big meals a day switching to salads would be like climbing the Everest without any ropes. But when you realize you haven’t seen your toes since last Christmas you have to rethink your view of life. So, that is what I did. Though gyms were expensive and I had already eaten through most of mother’s savings, but I found a solution on online sites. Deals and discounts at different gyms across town. I worked out one week in each and once the gyms were done I joined aerobics, then yoga as well. In my trip from fat to fit I would have tried every fitness deal online. But it was worth it.

Today I can walk without hearing the floor boards crack under my weight or have people stop me to hand over their Christmas lists.

Life was good earlier. Now it is just better.

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