FREEdom !

 Deals and DiscountsI love getting things FREE. I mean who doesn’t. The sound of the word just brings a happy smile across my lips. Try it- FREE, FREE, FREE. You might be smiling by now I know I am (perhaps because the way I say it, it sounds like a little fly escaping from an empty wallet).

If there is a deal offering something free with something else, there is a good chance I will pick it up. I don’t like deals and discounts as much, but those buy ‘A’ get ‘B’ free offers always get my attention. See, the thing is that with discount offers I still have to pay them money, but with a buy 1 get 1 offer I get one thing absolutely free. I know, I know, I still have to pay them the money. But I can’t explain that adrenalin rush that goes through me when I walk out that store knowing full well that I did not pay for something in my bag.

I maybe sounding like a kleptomaniac by now but I stick to the legal stuff only. Going to jail for a quick rush is not something I would add to my agenda. Plus, when you do something of that sort there is always the fear of getting caught and the guilt later just ruins it all.

For me, there is little much that would come close to the feeling of picking up something for free. Why do you think I am always the first in line for free sampling of baked goods? Or for test drives when I don’t even need the car?

Hmmm, now that I think of it, you could call me a Free-addict. I would say a Free-addict is quite close to his cousin the Shopaholic. Both of us can be found in stores and have a strong affinity for the words- ‘Sale’, ‘discount’, ‘deals’ and ‘free’.

Two peas of a pod, as the saying goes. Well I will wrap up right about here because the bakery next door is having a free sampling of their latest cakes starting in the next half hour. So till then stay FREE!

 *images courtesy google

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