Be happy (^_^) be Barfi!!

Ever wondered what would happen if you couldn’t talk or even hear?

If music, sound and words are taken away from your life, how would you survive?

Well, while most of us would mope about the sadness of the barren life left ahead. There are people around the globe who manage to find joy in the little things over looking their minor handicaps. Then there are those who not only make life seem like a cake walk for them but in the process they manage to make those around them and roll over in laughter as well.

BarfiLets travel back in time for a bit, as far as the 70s. In the small town of Darjeeling grew a boy, deaf and dumb, but managed to make life a laugh riot for those around him. His pranks were the talk of the town and his name synonymous with a joke. In a society bent on following the norms of the world, he manages to find love, lose it and then find another. All this with a smile on his face.

Such is the magic of life, what one wants is what one seldom gets. This was the Barfi in a nutshell. The story speaks volumes about the world we live in and the people who make it a better place.

The movie hits theatres this week, get in line for the bookings at and log onto mydala’s facebook and twitter pages to win merchandise and more.

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