Benefits of online book shopping

When I couldn’t get a copy of ‘When God Was a Woman’ anywhere in the stores near my house, online bookstore came to my rescue. Sure I was afraid. More so for it was going to be the first time I was going for online book shopping. The moment I had my book nicely wrapped in a brown paper, in a week’s time, delivered to my place I was more than happy.

Online shopping websites have become a major hit in India in the recent years. There’s a shift in people’s tendency heading to a conventional book store with only a number of books put at display. Whether it is the quick customer reviews, lower prices or the ever alluring comfort of sitting back at home flipping through a thousand options and having someone deliver your favorite book at your door-step on just a click of a button. The fact is that following few points have made the ‘online books shopping’ stand out.

1. Convenience: Who would disagree that shopping a book online saves tons of your time and energy? People like house-makers and children who are home-bound have great advantage with online book stores.
2. Abundance of options: Unlike conventional stores you have a hundreds of thousands of books to choose from. From Chaucer to Rowling, flip through any era in a click.
3. Price Comparison: Forget petty duals with the vendor over the MRP of the book. Online shopping will give you the option to compare the price with number of other stores.
4. Access to consumer reviews: Short reviews from real customers who have previously purchased that book can really help you get a quick insight in to that particular book.
5. Huge discounts: Everyone loves Bargain! Britney Spears shops at Sales too. These online stores offer a great deal of discount coupons from time to time. Low shipping price makes shopping books online all the way more economical.

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