Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Barista Lavazza Coffee

Barista Lavazza Reviews

Barista Lavazza

No two days can be same; not even single hour goes by just like any other hour. In each and every moment of life there is something special, different and unique in some manner. Same way there is something special in Barista Lavazza that made me to think about it – no matter which day, what mood I am in, what’s going on around me; I still have the taste of their cappuccino coffee in my mouth, which was just awesome.

Ok, that may be a little inflated, but you would have to agree with me that having tasty, aromatic espresso at the press of a button is just beyond the ordinary! This café is the best to go with friends and family. Barista Lavazza is widely spread in India with its outlets in 29 different states and most of the location having more than two outlets at least. It was established in February 2000 under the name Barista; then in 2007 it was taken over by Lavazza. That is all about its establishment. But I want to share my Barista Lavazza Opinion and awesome experience with you guys.

 Barista Lavazza

Barista Lavazza

When I entered the café I found strong aroma of coffee in the air, although they don’t have much to offer in their menu in terms of food but high star rated coffee served there is enough to cover up the menu. I ordered cappuccino with Veggie Delight Calzone and one of my friend ordered chicken pizza with dark temptation. There is no comparison in terms of taste I had yet, everything is perfectly cooked with perfect blend of ingredients. When I see the bill I got surprised as it was very much under budget.

If you had never been there, then I must recommend this place to go with friends and family and yes don’t forget to avail good deals and discount available over different online portals which would make your experience even better. If you still want to know more about it then you can check Barista Lavazza Reviews and comments shared by user over internet.

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