Night Out with Pub Crawl in Delhi

Delhi enjoys the stature of being known as the city that never sleeps that offers a plethora of options when it comes to fun and entertainment. One can’t possibly get bored here; there are just so many places to visit right from historical monuments to amusement & water parks. It is a haven in particular for those of you looking for a crazy nightlife experience & hangout options. That brings us to the subject of our very own event called “Pub Crawl”. For those of you who aren’t aware of this terminology, A “Pub Crawl” is the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs or lounges in a single night, usually walking between them.  Trust us when we say the fun never ends when you are hoppin’ n crawling between pubs for some sweet deals!

Last Saturday, me & my buddies were a part of mydala’s Pub Crawl in Hauz Khas Village. We took a taxi and headed towards the destination. Five popular pubs & bars were participants including FORK YOU, RAASTA, ELF CAFE LOUNGE, OUT OF THE BOX and GARAGE INC. First up on the list was “FORK YOU” where we reached at 9 pm & enjoyed classic rock music with flavored shots and Kingfisher Beer to get us started. Our next stop was “RAASTA”, where we grooved to sensational music played at the bar with the theme of “Reggae” and “Dub Step” where we had a whale of a time with Budweiser’s and House Drinks.  “ELF” was the next stop which we found to be really unique offering us much more than just food and drinks, the atmosphere was electrifying to say the least! Next up was “OTB” which included two floors with roof terrace giving it a unique feel where we rocked the floor to some great peppy numbers & had beer pints too. Our last stop for the day was GARAGE INC, there we enjoyed delicious American food with SOL beer.

It was one helluva night & we would surely not forget it for days to come.  We never knew our best night out would be so planned & so much fun at the same time. Truly the Pub Crawl had it all figured out, leaving us to simply enjoy the night to the fullest!

Cheers mydala!

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