The Business of Being Truly Social

When I want something, I want it now, I might come across as impulsive or impatient but this is what works for me. I started mydala as a social commerce portal and feel truly proud when I see how mydala has evolved over time. I believe there cannot be any progress unless you challenge yourself. I don’t think there is any entrepreneur who has not faced challenges & if you’re not challenging yourself, you are not at the place where you should be. Initially we started with only a few innovative minds and with social media getting into play, the growth was purely viral. We reached a major breakthrough when we took hold of the popular social platforms. Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental in terms of establishing a connect with our online audience. The circle keeps growing when subscribers invite friends and honestly spending on social advertising has never been a bad choice for me.
Social networking not only worked to spread the message but also to build relationships with our clients and customers. After gaining the right amount of brand awareness, the next logical step was to build an app that could offer a deeper level on engagement.

Nothing can be better than a mobile phone for customers to seek out deals and for convenient shopping. The most strategic decision was to build an app and to make an aggressive play with the major Telco’s. mydala runs deals and offers for the top Telco’s reaching out to over 100 million users every month. There are limitless ways of engaging customers socially but the best way to gather their praise is to take their feedback. mydala has always aimed to serve the customers in the way they expect, as they are free to share their feedback via social media. I truly believe it’s about the connection, building and prospering this is what mydala is all about. In my opinion being agile and flexible in business is just another way of defining innovation. Sharing, tweeting and posting reviews have been the driving force for us. Though mydala is counted as one of the leading online portals in India, there’s a lot that needs to be done and we recognize this.

It’s all guns blazing when it comes to the business of being social for me!

(A blog entry by Anisha Singh, CEO of

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