The Lone Crusader behind the Veil

Many might not know but mydala has always embraced social responsibility at the helm of its affairs rather than just being a web portal. At the outset, the company pulled in every bit of effort to keep the electricity bills at bay. Though it is now a tradition within the company to save the same, it has stepped up to bring in more to the table in terms of eco-friendly business practices.

In the beginning, many new entrants at mydala found it hard to digest the nutritive footnote on every email received- “Save a tree…please don’t print this e-mail or any documents unless you really need to. Let’s make a difference”. A week into the culture, these same individuals become staunch crusaders of eco-friendly practices. Now every meeting ends on this footnote.

Among many other things, another key endeavor undertaken was the launch of the mydala Mobile App. Other things being the same, it responds back to users with a coupon code through SMSes unlike others. This is an attempt to do away with the unnecessary wastage of papers in printing that is indispensable in the case of Web Coupons.

Against odds and time, mydala survived the test of conspicuous consumption. None that is non-biodegradable finds its way to the bin but evangelizes against wasteful generosity.

At the outset, it was Anisha alone, but now it is mydala- the Lone Crusader behind the Veil.

Join us. This is a revolution. High time we truly “Go Green”!logogogreen

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